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Content STrategy

Website; social networks; AdWords account – check! But do you know what’s bringing in customers? Get a plan and save money pouring time and resources into the latest shiny tactic. You’ll also get some headspace: priceless.

With my content ‘Big Kahuna Burger’ you’ll get:

  • 360° audit of your SEO & content.
  • ‘Find Yourself’ brand workshop.
  • Keyword market sweep.
  • Buyer persona review & refinement.
  • Lean content package – sliced and diced for serving.
  • Delivery schedule with metrics & KPIs.
  • An industry influencer list on the side.

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compelling Content

You’ve developed (or even invested in) an elaborate sales funnel. So now you can sit back and watch the moolah roll in, right?

A funnel ‘aint nothing but a thang’ without well-crafted content, tantalising and guiding prospects along its automated bounds.

Onboarding emails, landing pages and sales pages are your online sales team, working tirelessly to close 24/7 – no coffee or cocktail expenses. Get this copy right and your business will fly.

Then give your funnel a beating heart with credible thought leadership reports that not only resonate with potential customers, but also raise your game with industry influencers.

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Evergreen Blogs

It’s not easy; churning out blogs week after week. Especially when you have a stack of important stuff on your plate.

These days, quality triumphs over quantity: for customers as well as those dang search engines. So invest in well researched and crafted blogs and they’ll serve you for years to come.

As well as writing lots of ‘sticky’ blogs for clients, I’ve been writing articles for trade and news media for years. Dare I say; before this new fangled interweb got all popular and all?

Style has changed dramatically since then. But getting the angle right is even more important. Especially now everyone can create their own soapbox.

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influencer relations

Developing great content and religiously sending it out using your email list, social networks and PPC. But still not ranking well?

You can spend as much on ads as you want (and I suspect you don’t want to *that* much), but without authoritative links from trusted sources, you’ll fall behind the competition.

Influencer relations helps you build industry networks and credibiity – on and offline. Done well, it can give your content wings. 

I helped a teensy charity triple income using targeted influencer relations. And the great thing is, once relationships are built, you can keep on reaping the benefits.

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brand guardian

In a crowded marketplace but trying not to sound ‘me-too’? They say ‘the riches are in the niches’ (it even rhymes in the US). So define how you’re different and you’ll rise above the competition and attract your tribe.

One-(wo)man band or small to medium-sized organisation, struggling to pinpoint your unique sparkle? Unearth your diamonds at my ‘Brand Mining’ workshop. And when we’re done, you can get marketing that reflects this: logo, content etc. So your brand runs though everything – like words through a stick of rock.

Work for a large organisation with tons of people creating content? I can help keep it consistent with tone-of-voice guidelines and content templates. And I can give your reports flow and credibility, eliminating typos and grammar slip-ups with schoolma’am efficiency.

No ‘death by track changes’. Promise.

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Sally is a great copywriter with excellent time management and personal skills. Her can-do attitude and creative thinking ability made our job a lot more fun.

Barbara Lung, International Development Manager @ UWE

Sally is great to work with; she’s relaxed, down to earth and pragmatic whilst at the same time being totally on top of everything and super reliable.

Ringo Moss, Digital Strategist @ McCann Birmingham

Sally did an excellent job from start to finish of the project. She worked closely with both me and the report’s sponsor and at all times of the process was proactive, responsive, professional, flexible and a pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend her!

Vicky Browning, Chief Executive @ ACEVO

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sally; she’s extremely knowledgeable about all elements of the communications and marketing mix. She’s also a wonderful person to work with, as she’s flexible and fits in brilliantly with a team.

Samantha Brown, Head of Marketing and Communications @ Bristol Community Health

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