Hi, I'm Sal - nice to meet you.

CEOs and marketing pros for global brands to one-woman bands: my value props, content and copy have helped them reach influencers and boost sales.

I’ve trained with the industry's finest - Jo Wiebe, Ryan Schwartz and Amy Posner -  writing high-converting copy for landing pages, emails, launches and sales pages.

And as a business graduate and entrepreneur, I understand inbound, content marketing and conversion rate optimisation. So I know how to architect, monitor and test marketing messages - on and offline.

Here are those, 'are we the right fit?' bullets:

  • Looking for a rockstar copywriter who brags about how much they made last month? That's not me: I’m all about intrinsic motivation.
  • Want a newbie (or downright desperate) copywriter to create word-soup blog posts for peanuts? Jog on.
  • Need someone who’ll put their heart and soul into getting results for you and your organisation? Let’s talk.

PS: I've trained marketing teams for leading brands, universities and national charities and led workshops and presented at conferences. So if you want someone to explain why words are your secret weapon - at a conference, or in your organisation, hit me up on sally(at)content-copy-coffee.com.